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The BenQ Solar module portfolio includes mono, multi and back-contact cell technologies with high efficiency approaches - with 16-20% conversion efficiency rates for all green solutions - that are able to meet a wide variety of geographical and climate requirements. BenQ Solar's product solutions effectively serve diverse needs in residential, commercial, and utility segments.

Well-Diversified Product Solutions


BenQ Solar modules are also compatible with Easy Roof and Zep mounting solutions.



Why BenQ Solar

Sustainable Company 
BenQ Solar is managed by AU Optronics, a leading global manufacturer of TFT-LCD. The company is listed on NYSE and has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World (DJSI World), which tracks the sustainability performance of companies in their economic, environmental, and social dimensions.


Advanced Technologies
We aim to develop cutting-edge technologies that stand the test of time, with unique product enhancements. BenQ's innovative back contact module delivers the highest efficiency, at up to 20.4%, with power output up to 333W. Our PID-Free technology helps reduce cell degradation and maintains stable operation over time. Light-weight module construction makes installation easier and faster.


World-Class Quality & Reliability 
BenQ Solar products are tested for power performance and durability in its state-of-the-art in-house laboratories recognized by the UL Witness Test Data Program. The modules are tested under stringent standards, including advanced testing up to three times more severe than IEC test requirements. This prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions gives extra confidence in quality, performance and long-term warranty coverage. 

The available certificates are in compliance with JET, IEC 61215, IEC 61730 and UL 1703 guidelines. By applying stricter test condition than IEC and UL, we deliver the highest quality products to customers. 

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Shrinking Our Footprint

AUO obtained the first-ever PAS 2050 Carbon Footprint Verification for a PV module. With the low carbon footprint, AUO's solar modules are compliant with the French National Tender Program's requirements administered by CRE (The French Regulatory Commission of Energy).