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As the energy crisis worsens, solar energy has become the newest alternative green energy source. Statistics show that for each kilowatt per year of electricity produced from solar energy, the carbon footprint is reduced by one ton. Electricity generated from solar energy does not produce greenhouse gasses and is not associated with environmental concerns like nuclear power. And, unlike fossil fuels, solar energy will not be depleted within our lifetimes. 

For Mother Earth:
Global warming and climate anomalies in recent years are the effects of humans causing harm to the environment. We can reduce our carbon footprint by using solar energy, and the sun’s unlimited resources offer us a safe and sustainable method of power generation that is kinder and gentler on our Mother Earth. 

For our environment:
Solar energy does not pollute or damage our environment. Thus the earth’s beauty can be retained and passed on to future generations. 

For our future:
No hazardous matter is produced from solar electricity generation, and therefore it is an eco-friendly process that can provide our future generations with a clean and safe environment to live in. 

The BenQ Solar product series is comprised of rooftop-mounted and ground-mounted systems. Rooftop-mounted systems include both residential and commercial systems. Ground-mounted systems are directed at large-scale commercial power generation operations as in power plants. BenQ Solar products are the solution to reducing your carbon footprint and fulfilling your alternative green energy needs. 

The BenQ Solar product series features the highest quality and best performance in the industry. BenQ Solar systems are expertly manufactured using eco-friendly processes that produce the cleanest electricity for our environment. With our professional expertise in research and manufacturing capabilities, and full backing of the solar module production facilities, BenQ Solar is your most trustworthy partner. The BenQ Solar product series is available in markets all over the world including the Americas, Europe, and Asia. 

BenQ Solar Strategy

BenQ Solar Strategy